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Areas of Cooperation

Articulation Agreements
Four-year consortium institutions recognize A.A. and A.S. degrees from community colleges as fulfilling lower division academic requirements.

Cooperative Degree Programs
Designated degree programs offered cooperatively by two or more Consortium Institutions.

Educational Opportunity Center
The Consortium sponsors the federally-funded Educational Opportunity Center, which is a program that provides academic, career and financial aid information to adults seeking to participate in higher education.

Co-Sponsorship of Grants
The Consortium applies for state and federal grants of mutual benefit to member institutions.


Career Services Committee
Committee Members

Continuing Education Committee

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Continuing Education Committee is to promote quality continuing education opportunities by providing leadership in the creation, development, implementation and evaluation of Continuing Education. 

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  • Faculty Development Programs
    The Consortium offers Faculty Development throughout the year for the improvement of teaching and learning.
  • Faculty Exchange
    Faculty members participate in academic exchange programs throughout the year.


Environmental Health & Safety Committee
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International Programs Committee

Mission Statement:  The mission of the International Programs Committee is to promote international education study abroad programs and to encourage the sharing of resources and expertise.

Committee Members

View the results of the 2014 International Education Week Photo Competition [PDF]
Visit the Links to VTC's Study Abroad Programs at our Member Institutions

Library Directors Committee

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Library Directors Committee is to promote library and information services in support of the purpose of the VTC; to encourage cooperation amongst the VTC member institutions; to stimulate and foster community interest in the VTC libraries and librarianship; to articulate and disseminate financial and program information about the operations of the VTC libraries to the Board of Directors; to provide an audience for the concerns of VTC subcommittees; and to provide Library Directors a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas.

Committee Members

  • Interlibrary Borrowing
    Students and faculty may check out library materials from another member institution’s library by using the Consortium’s borrowing card.
  • Interlibrary Loan Courier Service
    The Consortium provides a courier service for the transportation of library materials among the institutions. For more information: visit our website on VTC
  • Visit the Library Cooperation Web site.

Military Education Committee

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Military Education Committee is to promote higher education opportunities through participation with local communities, boards and by serving the military through its on-base information offices.

Committee Members

  • Liaison with the Military and the Community
    The Consortium is actively involved in promoting higher educational opportunities through participation with local communities, boards, and by serving the military through its on-base information officers.
  • Military Satellite Offices
    Mr. Darryl Greenwell, Consortium Military Representative, E-mail:

Dam Neck
Bldg. 199, Suite 142, FCTCL Dam Neck
Phone: 492-6183/6450

Little Creek Amphibious Base
1481 D Street, Room 250
Phone: 757-363-3944
* Available for counseling on Tuesday and Thursday

NAS Oceana
902 E. Avenue, Bldg. 531, Suite 101
Phone: 433-3129

Naval Station Norfolk
U-40, 9269 First Avenue, Room 106
Phone: 757-489-3329
* Available for counseling on Monday and Wednesday

Portsmouth Naval Medical Center
Building 272, Room 103
Phone: 757-953-6007
* Available for counseling on Friday

Registrars Committee

Mission Statement: The mission of the Registrars' Committee is to provide opportunities for enriched educational programs by permitting students to take courses at other institutions.

Committee Members

Cross-Registration (Guidelines)

Students may register on a credit or audit basis at another consortium institution for courses NOT offered in the current semester at their home institution. (NOTE – Associate Member Institutions and some full Member Institutions do not participate in this program. Please contact both your home institution and the other institution before proceeding.)

Security and Emergency Preparedness Committee
Mission Statement:  The mission of the Security & Emergency Preparedness Committee is to share emergency plans and to develop ways to share resources in the event of a natural disaster or other incidents. The committee focuses on issues of public safety, security, emergency preparedness and public health in order to better protect our institutions and community.

Committee Members

Service Learning and Civic Engagement Committee
Mission Statement:  The mission of the Service Learning & Civic Engagement Committee is to work collaboratively to promote active, service-focused, community-based, mutually beneficial, learning opportunities for students, building and enhancing their commitment to academics, personal and professional development, and civic responsibility.

Committee Members

Substance Abuse Prevention Committee
Mission Statement:  The mission of the Substance Abuse Prevention Committee is to share ideas and resources and to gather and disseminate information about substance abuse and to promote activities that encourage prevention while sharing resources.

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