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Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education
Student Cross-Registration

The purpose of Cross-Registration is to provide opportunities for enriched educational programs by permitting students at any of the Virginia Tidewater Consortium (VTC) institutional members participating in the program to take courses at any other VTC member school.


1. Students at any resident VTC institution may register on a credit basis for courses offered by other VTC institutions with the approval of the HOME institution.

2. When a student enrolled at one VTC HOME institution cross-registers to a VTC HOST school, the credit is earned at the HOME institution and will be so posted on the student's transcript as resident credit. A VTC institution will not issue a transcript to a cross-registered student whom it hosts. Each institution will implement their own set of guidelines for this program and a school application is required by all VCCS students.

3. Students will be governed by the administrative rules and regulations of the HOST institution while taking the course through this program.

4. The grading system of the HOME institution will apply to cross-registered student.

5. Tuition will be charged by the HOME institution for a cross-registered course. The cross-registrant must assume costs of all transportation, books, materials, lab fees, applied music fees etc.

6. Normally, the desired course may not be currently available at the student's HOME institution.

7. Generally, this policy applies to credit courses of VTC institutions.

8. Participating students must have completed the prerequisites for courses to be taken at the HOST institution as specified by the HOST institution. When necessary, the student will certify that he/she has met course prerequisites.

9. A VTC Cross-Registration Form must be completed and signed by the appropriate people at the HOST and HOME institution.

10. No course changes can be made on the VTC Student Cross-Registration Form.

11. Each VTC member institution shall set up its own procedures for implementing these broad policies and have the right to deny cross registration.

12. A VTC Cross Registered Student is required to follow the Add/Drop/Withdrawal Regulations and is responsible for notifying BOTH the HOST and HOME institution.


Revised 10/16