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Dr. Lawrence G. Dotolo's Biography

Dr. Lawrence G. Dotolo is President of the Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education, a consortium of 15 institutions located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and the Executive Director of the Association for Consortium Leadership, the national organization for consortia. He has been President of the Virginia Tidewater Consortium since 1975, and has edited three books dealing with the importance of consortia in higher education: Best Practices in Higher Education in Consortia:How Institutions Can Work Together Jossey-Bass, Summer 1999,  Leveraging Resources Through Partnerships, Jossey-Bass, December 2002, and Access To Higher Education Through Consortia , Jossey-Bass, Summer 2007. Dr. Dotolo has extensive experience in consortia work and has made many presentations on the importance of consortia in higher education; the most recent presentations were for the California Higher Education State System and for the colleges and universities in the Russian higher education system.  In addition, Dr. Dotolo has managed a multitude of projects, especially those dealing with access. He has been involved in higher education access programs since 1979, and has worked closely with social service agencies, city governments, the Commonwealth of Virginia, school divisions, and workforce development centers. He also has been involved in the teaching and learning endeavor at the college level and has made numerous presentations to college faculty in the region and around the country. He has served as a consultant to colleges and universities developing or redesigning consortia and for the improvement of teaching and learning. Dr. Dotolo holds a doctorate in American Literature from Marquette University.